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Who are we?

On-demand, online worship, for connecting the people of Jesus

Why We Started

We want to share the love of Christ with the world. There are a lot of barriers that exist to get people in a pew on a Sunday, so we leveraged the power of online distribution to equip people to connect with Jesus whenever & wherever. is a part of FILMinistries, which is headquartered in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and we have a strong desire to deliver meaningful content online in a relevant way, with the potential of reaching a wider audience.

What We're Doing

We’re creating content to help draw you closer to God and others. With our on-demand worship opportunities, we hope to deconstruct many of the barriers that exist for traditional service offerings. We are looking to be the community of God in an approachable and accessible way. People are disconnected from God and community- people are disconnected from meaningful relationships and purposeful living. The world is moving progressively more and more online, and the church is stuck in buildings, wondering how to adapt. 

The church is more than worship. The church is a gathering place for people everywhere, at all times- in other words, not only in pews on a Sunday morning. Community groups are our gathering place, and we'd love to get you connected and on a path of discipleship.

What This Means for You

Here it is. Meaningful, spiritual content designed for our community to work through together and share with the world around them. Whether it's you and your family or twenty people, whether it's Tuesday evening or Friday afternoon, you can always be connected to Jesus and his community through Be watching for concerts, conferences, and other events meant to bring our larger community together as one.

Wherever you're at in your faith journey, you'll always be accepted as part of our church family.

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